What makes a Fire Hydrant reliable?

The South African National Standards has specific guidelines on the manufacturing and dimensions of fire hydrants to ensure their effectiveness. All producers and manufacturers need to follow these strict tolerances and dimensions so that our fire system and services are reliable; even years after being installed.

However, many of the imported fire hydrants do not conform to South African National Standards; they are either oversized or undersized, in critical areas by as much as 3mm. Some fire hydrants can have their fronts screwed off and be tampered with.
These hydrants are sold with loose outlets, outlets which can and are stolen, rendering the hydrant useless in an emergency.
This makes it difficult for fire services to utilize the hydrant to save lives and property when there is a fire.
Who is at fault if a fire cannot be managed; the fire services or the fire hydrant manufacturers?

Companies have noticed that Woodlands Fire has been effective in producing quality products, so much so, that some companies have taken to copying our products. Many of these copied fire hydrants, for example, look exactly like a Woodlands product, and at first sight, could pass as a Woodlands hydrant, but they are in fact nothing more than poor imitations. Many of these companies will go so far as to tell you that they are offering you is "Just like a Woodlands" and "Performs just like a Woodlands".

Sadly, price, not quality is used to market and sell the product. Why would anyone want to purchase an imitation product when the real item could be bought, which not only meets but exceeds the South African National Standards for fire hydrants.

Woodlands Fire has been manufacturing hydrants and associated equipment for over 30 years.
Our philosophy when building our fire products is to always listen to the customer and their requirements.
We then examine what works in the field, and try to improve our product.
All Woodlands hydrants have the outlets cast integrally with the body, so that they cannot be screwed off, stolen and tampered with.

Woodlands Fire is proud of the quality of our products that we manufacture, and we place our name on all of our products as we stand by our products.

Even though, it looks like a Woodlands product, if it does not say Woodlands on the product it is more than likely a fake and the seller is trying to pass off something that is a cheap imitation. Fire does not discriminate, compromise or stand back for anyone.
Don't Compromise on Quality for Price.

Noel Cockin