The Company History

WOODLANDS FIRE was established in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1987, and has over the years developed, often in conjunction with fire departments and the various engineering disciplines, the kind of hydrants that can deliver the volumes of water required by fire engine pumps.

Woodlands Fire regards itself as an innovator rather than an imitator, and continually researches and tests new materials and methods in production, to ensure technologically advanced, world-beating products.

We make use of modern machinery and techniques, and have patents on several of our products in order to protect the market from inferior or flawed copies. As a Woodlands' customer you can be assured that every possible care has been taken to ensure that you get the most advanced product available.

In an industry where quality should rank paramount due to the critical role such products play in an emergency, we place quality first.
We are proud of our products and "if it doesn't say Woodlands, it's not Woodlands."

Mission Statement

Woodlands Fire is an organisation committed to serving an international market with quality products and superior service.

It is the policy of Woodlands Fire to design and manufacture a range of fire fighting products and accessories, to suit or adapt your equipment to the Woodlands Fire concept.
The advantage is that the equipment is tailor made to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Quality of our products

Quality of our products is of utmost importance as Woodlands Fire is aware of the critical role its products play in an emergency.
We therefore use modern machinery and the very latest quality control methods to ensure that you receive the ultimate in fire fighting equipment.

Our products are continually being improved to meet your stringent quality requirements.

New Range

Woodlands will be introducing a complete range of resilient seat valves.
Both flanged and socketed valves will be on offer.
Valves will meet SANS 1128 specifications as well as JASWIC requirements.

Please watch this space for further information.